call for a consultation - 631.563.7333

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus-19, we respectfully ask that, instead of coming to our office personally you use one of the following methods:

This website: Simply hit the "contact" button at the top right and fill in your name, email and your service request in the comment box. We will be back to you quickly. Also, for our individual emails hit the "about" button at the top for a quick link to each of us.

Texting: (631) 303-3635. Store this number in your mobile phone for your convenience.

Our normal phone number: (631) 563-7333. Hit option 2 for a customer service representative.

Alternative off site phone number:  (631) 459-0565 for a customer service representative if you get the answering machine on our normal number. 

Although working from home we shall stay fully functional in order serve all of your insurance needs!!