If you’re like many American homeowners, you assume that your home insurance policy provides plenty of protection against damage your property could undergo. In fact, only about 20% of homes in areas at high risk of floods have adequate flood policies.

Unfortunately, this often means that when the waters rise, homeowners must pay out of pocket to remediate and repair the damage. Don’t let seasonal flooding or a burst pipe stand between you and financial stability. Get flood insurance from Heritage Insurance Agency.

Why Get Flood Coverage?

Running and standing water poses a large threat to your property and belongings, including breakage, staining, and mold growth. For this reason, many standard general insurance policies treat flooding as a category of its own, which may or may not be covered.

Additionally, damage caused by flooding may not fall under governmental programs and can prove extremely expensive to repair. The average flood claim is approximately $30,000, a sum that’s far too high for most homeowners to pay out of pocket.

Not every homeowner needs flood insurance, but many who do need it do not currently have a policy. Our agents can help you decide what’s best for you and your home.

Why Choose Our Flood Insurance Company?

At Heritage Insurance Agency, we understand that every homeowner must account for a range of individual factors, from property age to budget. For this reason, we advise you based on your specific circumstances to ensure that you are truly covered should the worst happen.

We work hard to get you the insurance you need. To this end, we offer appointment-only consultations with our expert staff on Saturday in addition to our regular business hours.

Work with a flood insurance agent today to find the best policy for your needs. Contact our Oakdale, NY office today to schedule a consultation. Call our team at 631.563.7333 or submit our online contact form.

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